Talium presents its Talium Assets tokenization platform

Last Updated on décembre 9, 2020 by Talium

Since 2018, Talium has been working on the Talium Assets tokenization platform that allows you to digitize your financial securities. Raise funds quickly and simply thanks to new technologies!

You already know Talium, your blockchain partner, middleware and solutions integrator who accompanies you in the digitization of your activity. Discover our platform, in SaaS mode, Talium Assets, which allows you to raise funds using blockchain technology.

Fintech: technology to the rescue of traditional finance

Raising funds in the traditional way is sometimes a challenge. Long and costly, the itinerary can be disenchanted for many start-ups that nevertheless need funding. Fortunately, new technologies are there to provide long-term solutions.

The tokenization of financial assets

Tokenization consists of digitizing a right on a distributed registry technology (e.g. the blockchain). For example, it will involve digitizing financial security (a share). Once digitized, the shares become tokens and can be made available to investors. Tokens can have several characteristics, which makes them perfectly adaptable to all types of rights. Thus, a wide choice of tokens and their associated rights is at hand.

Record security movements

In France, it is possible to use DEEP (the French term for shared registry technologies) to carry out securities movements. We can note the DEES equivalent in Luxembourg, and other laws in Germany, Switzerland, etc. All over the world, regulation is evolving in a very favourable direction for this new technology, which has become unavoidable progress. The use of distributed ledger technologies to record securities movements makes asset transfers much faster and more secure.

Bringing liquidity

Liquidity is the ability to buy or sell an asset without affecting its price. Some traditional markets lack liquidity, which is often due to the price of the assets in question. Diamonds, artworks, or real estate are among them. It is possible to sell shares of the company issuing these assets. In this way, prices can decrease and be accessible to more people. In addition, since the exchange of securities is facilitated by tokenization, this leaves room for more investors.

The qualities of the blockchain in the heart of fintech

We (almost all) know the main advantages of the blockchain. We know about the immutability of the blockchain, thanks to which the data stored on a blockchain cannot be deleted. We know its decentralized aspect, which makes it independent of any central organization. Let’s see here the advantages it brings to the financial world.

Process automation

You may have heard about smart-contracts if you have taken a closer look at the blockchain. These smart contracts allow you to automate certain actions. For example, it is possible to create various automatic rules related to the transfer of a token. As a result, we can dispense with certain intermediaries and obtain a faster and less expensive process.

A more transparent, more traceable data

The blockchain is immutable, as we have just reminded you. This characteristic is due both to the fact that it is a register where the inserted information is append-only (in addition only, and therefore impossible to remove), but also because this information can be visible publicly or privately by the actors of the network.

On a public blockchain, such as Bitcoin, everyone can participate in the network, access the data and verify its authenticity. On a private blockchain, such as Hyperledger, a central entity decides who participates in the network, and only they can access the information.

Compliant, even if the law evolves!

As we have seen above, laws adapt overtime to these new technologies. It is therefore important to select a solution that is viable today and will remain so tomorrow.  With Talium Assets, you choose a versatile solution that complies with the law and its evolutions. Do you also want to automate the rules in your shareholder agreement? It’s possible with the Talium Assets platform.

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