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Get your white-label Digital Assets Martketplace, then handle easily any unlisted fundraise (equity, bonds, real estate, funds, royalties, ICO…) and mitigate your investors’ risks with an advanced OTC secondary market. Digitize today!
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Why should I choose Talium Assets?

Lower costs

Automated processes
enable fast transfers
and settlements

The technology used makes it possible to accelerate the various processes involved in launching a fundraising campaign. Automation, also made possible by the technology, makes all steps faster, from settlement to the resale of the asset.
Thus, the on-boarding of the investment bank, the issuer and the investor is done instantaneously, after undergoing the KYC/AML check.
Thanks to this enhanced efficiency, costs are reduced.

Compliance and contracts

Design complex workflows for regulatory compliance &
contract clauses’ validation

Our platform enables complex designed compliance workflows through the use of sophisticated protocols. From the country issuing the asset to the country of the investor, our protocol allows you to be compliant from end to end.
And this compliance model goes even further. Talium Assets is the only platform that allows you to add asset transfer conditions provided in your shareholder agreement.
The transferability customization of the assets is limitless.


 & international-industry- standards-based

Talium Assets is uniquely fit to resist time. It is blockchain-agnostic, can modelize complex assets, can change compliance rules at any time, and uses technical and industry standards only. Customers are not locked-in with proprietary protocols and may use external secondary markets. 

Its architecture is ready to cope with the users’ needs of tomorrow.


All sorts of assets can be tokenized to benefit from automation, lower costs and transferability. Find out more about what you can tokenize and why you should.

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