Talium Assets for your royalties

RTO – Royalty Token Offering

Revenue Based Financing 2.0

A new alternative financing model. Tokenized for liquidity.

Revenue based financing (RBF) raises capital in return for a revenues % during a given period until it repays N-fold -or longer until recoupment. 

Non dilutive
No debt
Low risk

RBF is especially interesting if visibility on revenues is good: scenarios with regular income (SaaS, rentals…), business plans validated through due diligence and/or scoring…

Major extra RBF pain points :
  • Liquidity: the lack of a secondary market makes it very difficult for an investor to resell his investment.
  • Automation: end-to-end process automation increases productivity while reducing costs and error rates.

RTO = Crowdfunded & Tokenized RBF

  • 1 – investors provide funds to the company
  • 2 –  investors receive rights to royalties (tokens)
  • 3 – Customers pay the company for services
  • 4 – X% pays the investors pro rata their tokens
  • 5 – Investors can trade their royalties
For every investor, the royalties are ruled by a formal contract, which ends when either one of the following 3 scenarios occurs:

1 - The royalty cap is reached

2 - The engagement period is over and the investor has recovered at least its financed amount

3 - The engagement period is prolonged beyond its initial setting until the investor has recovered its financed amount

Extra Talium Assets features:
  • OTC trading via bulletin board
  • Real-time compliance with regulations & asset holders’ agreements, with rule engine
  • Tokenize on 30+ blockchains and change at will 
  • Token recovery procedure
  • Adaptive KYC procedures
  • Automated reconciliation
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