Talium Assets for your fundraising

ICO – Initial Coin Offering

A new way of funding

Create a utility token that serves your community and your project

An ICO is a fundraising method, operating via the issuance of digital assets, called tokens, exchangeable for FIAT currency or other digital assets.

These tokens give access to the products/services from the project that issues them. The ICO is a non-dilutive form of financing for companies. 

ICO major pain points without Talium Assets

  • Unconventional use management: In practice, the behavior of investors during ICOs is very different from those for traditional investments. The issuer has to adapt to ensure productivity, efficiency, investor satisfaction and good public image.


  • KYC / AML processes: depending on the jurisdiction, KYC / AML requirements are more or less complex (different documents, live selfie above a specific amount invested…).
  • Payment scenarios / reconciliation: bring all the desired means of payment (FIAT or crypto), then automate the reconciliation with the subscription and considerable simplify, with a huge gain in productivity, the processing of non-exact receipts. 

… and the Talium Assets solution

  • Create ERC-20 utility tokens, exchanges-ready (CEX/DEX)
  • Set up ICO cycles and initialize founders tokens
  • Run affiliate programs
  • Validate KYC in seconds
  • Allow people without wallets to subscribe
  • Resist unconventional use
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