Our assessment of the MALTA BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT 2018

Last Updated on novembre 16, 2018 by Talium

We could not come back from Malta without sharing our impressions of this new blockchain eldorado. Our general feeling of the Malta Blockchain Summit that took place on November 1st and 2nd last week is close to that of the pioneer landing in the Great West at the time of the Gold Rush:
More than 8500 visitors (5000 initially planned!), 300 exhibitors, a hundred speakers, can be one of the 3 major blockchain events of the year, especially oriented investment.
Dixit the inevitable John McAfee, one of the speakers of the forum: « This is by far the most influential and energetic meeting of minds within the crypto community that has the pleasure to address. »
« ICO is no longer, long live STO » could be the motto of this forum, which focuses on a new wave of investments via security tokens. The advantages of security tokens are noticeably their potential to comply with the rules regulated by the financial market authorities, but also the possibility that they open up to split assets, make them more liquid, lower issuance costs and more. great efficiency in their exchanges. This STO wave is being carried by more traditional investors, reassured by the compliance aspects, as well as the new blockchain giants seeking to counterbalance an increasingly volatile portfolio of assets / utility token.
The MBS presents heavy in terms of proposals for strategic, technical, legal, financial support to startups who propose to redistribute the value chains of their industry. And this is the challenge: disrupt, redistribute the game, be among the pioneers who will have the happy hand in order to transform the potential of efficiency introduced by this techno into potential gain.
It must be said that Malta is doing the right thing to attract the crypto industry. It has thus managed to create a regulatory environment that gives long-term visibility on its Crypto-friendly DNA (which most nations that claim to be as such have not yet succeeded in establishing). Joseph Muscat, the Prime Minister of Malta, as keynote speaker of the opening of the event, just that, reiterated the basics of the 3 bills that have just been approved by Parliament:
The purpose of the Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services Act is to register service providers.
The Virtual Financial Assets Act aims to regulate digital fundraising and lay the groundwork for regulating crypto-active trading platforms.
The Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act establishes a regulatory and certification authority for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
This environment in addition to a few tax giveaways have convinced giants like Binance or OKEx, probably the first two global crypto-active exchanges, to come to settle on the blockchain island, making Malta today the first place in the world. global exchange by volume.
Because that is what the ecosystem is waiting for blockchain today: not a lax environment, but a vision and stability, with clear rules. Dixit Joseph Muscat: « Some may call it the future, but I call it the present. »

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