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Talium Assets and ADMCS at the 12th Family Offices Investment Summit in Dubai

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Every year, the Ritossa family office invites elite Family Offices and wealthy individuals from around the world to come together and discuss the best investment strategies. Talium Assets and ADMCS were fortunate to be invited to the 12th summit to present their respective projects.

ADMCS presentation

ADMCS, for Alsace Digital Multimodal Container Services, aims to make multimodal transport more environmental-friendly. It was founded by Nicolas Sarrut. ADMCS’ ambition is to make each step of the logistics chain evolve, starting with the design of carbon-saving eco-terminals, integrated into the peri-urban environment, deployable anywhere in the world. The steps before, during and after the shipment and reception of a container are also improved with the use of DMCS software. Transport becomes more efficient, less expensive and better for the environment.

ADMCS and Talium

Talium, the company behind the Talium Assets product, is a strategic partner of ADMCS. With its experience as a system integrator and its blockchain expertise, Talium is the ideal partner to help build the DMCS software. The fundraiser for the ADMCS is also operated on the Talium Assets tokenization platform, here used through its API. Talium co-founders Julien Brodier and François de Chezelles are very involved in the ADMCS project and are humbled to be able to support this important and ambitious project.

ADMCS and Talium at the 12th Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai

Every year the “Global Family Office Investment Summit” event organized by the Ritossa family office is held at various times in the cities of Monaco, Dubai or Riyadh, and involves a different set of speakers. The goal is to bring together elite family offices and wealthy individuals from around the world to discuss new investment opportunities.

Nicolas Sarrut and François de Chezelles had the privilege to address the audience on three occasions at the Dubai event from 26 to 28 October 2020. They both started by participating in the “Batter Up!” Best Ideas Pitching pitching session, where Nicolas and François each had 5 minutes to present their project: ADMCS and Talium Assets.

Later on, they intervened and led the debate during at a round table about how digital assets could enable improved returns on investments.

On the last day, they were eventually active participants during the “Blockchain & Business – Delivering Real World Benefits” panel.

Nicolas Sarrut, His Excellency Adnan Al Noorani and François de Chezelles

What did you think of this event?

Nicolas: “It was a very interesting event, where we had the opportunity to make fantastic professional encounters. We met with incredible people throughout the event. We also felt a profound desire to make a difference and we are thrilled we could be part of these debates. “

François: “I found it superb that despite the context of the global health crisis, the desire to develop major investment opportunities was still strong and very proactive. The meetings were rich and definitely positive. I very much enjoyed realizing that this one-of-a-kind world of Sheikhs’ Private Offices was actually very welcoming and accessible. Of course, the quality and reputation of the event contributed to this”.

What were your best encounters?

Nicolas: “This is all a new world for me, so everything was impressive. Every meeting was extraordinary. It was very rich both intellectually and in terms of innovations being discussed. I enjoyed the entire event.”

François: “In truth, the meetings were all of high quality, for many of them with the CEOs of Private Offices. A special mention for the meetings with His Excellency Adnan Al Noorani, CEO of the Private Office of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi, whose energy and efficiency in the discussion displayed great mastery of leadership. Another special mention for the meeting with Mohamed Al Ali, CEO of several companies and advisor to Sheikh Ahmad Bin Obaid Al Maktoum, whose positive spirit and obvious interest in innovation and blockchain did strongly resonate.”

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